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Did you visit Al Aqaba? Did you stay in the guest house? Did you sign the REAL guest book and couldn’t get enough (or forget and have some lingering guilt?)

Leave an entry in the comments section!

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3 Responses to Guest Book

  1. Hana Hakim (London, England) says:

    I have been living the local village life wandering from house to house, neighbour to neighbour, being fed like a fat baby lamb, (and fed baby lamb nonetheless); making friends of a lifetime. Being giggled at for my poor and embarrassing infant arabic conversations, and generally having the time of my life.
    Al Aqaba is not like any place I have ever been, its radiating beauty is effervescent, You will find the heart of the most welcoming and inspiring people here.

    On the contrary to this, life here for its people is tough restricted, controlled and above all, occupied.

    But there are many ways to help, to relieve this tension and make life more acceptable.

    Villages like Al Aqaba are the back bone of the West Bank, their agriculture, culture and history is of great importance; they are the many fibres of the fabric which is Palestine.

  2. Jeff Goebel says:

    I had an amazing experience in Al Aqaba. Thank you, Mayor Haj Sami and all of the community people and families that were so welcoming. The landscape is beautiful and the people as kind and thoughtful, gentle and respectful, as I could ever imagine. I learned a tremendous amount from everyone, which has had a profound impact on the way that i view the world around me, and in Palestine. Thank you for being my teachers.

    I look forward to the next time that I am able to be blessed by your generosity and wisdom.

    Wiht deep respect and gratitude, Jeff

  3. I came to visit Al Aqaba last fall during the olive harvest and had a great time! Haj Sami and Morgan were both so welcoming and made me and my friend feel at home. We helped with the harvest during the day, visited the kindergarten and co-ops, and took strolls in the evenings. And the food is INCREDIBLE! It was such a wonderful experience that I was happy to have and bring back home with me.

    Much thanks to the warm people of Al Aqaba,

    Rachel (New York)

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