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We kindly request that anyone planning to visit Al Aqaba schedule their visit before arriving, so that we may accommodate you better!

For more information/to arrange a visit, contact:
Morgan Bach
Visitor/Volunteer Coordinator

Haj Sami Sadeq
Mayor of Al Aqaba
Phone: 059-906-8808

Directions to Al Aqaba:

From Jerusalem:

1) From Damascus Gate main station, take Bus #18 to Ramallah. The trip will take 45 min-1 hour, and cost 7.30 shekels.

2) From the Ramallah bus station, turn left onto the main street and walk one block to the Service taxi garage (on your left). Go up the ramp, and ask the drivers for Nablus. You will be directed to the Nablus Service. The trip will take 45 min-1 hour, and cost 17 shekels.*

3) Before you reach Nablus, let the driver know you want the “East Station” (karaj sharqia) and he’ll drop you off across the street from the station. At the East Station, ask for “Tubas,” and you’ll be directed to the Tubas Service. The trip will take about 30 minutes and cost 7.5 shekels.

4) When you reach Tubas, let the driver know you want the Service to Tayasir (the village next to Al Aqaba). He’ll drop you off in the center of Tubas, where the Service to Tayasir leaves. Tell the driver you want to go to Al Aqaba**. The trip will take ten minutes, and cost 5 shekels.

*Note: There are one or two Services that go directly from Ramallah to Tubas every day. Let Morgan know if you want to coordinate this ride (

**Previous guests have ended up in Aqraba and Aqqaba by mistake, so it’s best if you don’t mention Al Aqaba until you get to the Tayasir station in Tubas. Pronunciation: Al-Akabeh.