Maurice the filmmaker

Maurice has been in Al Aqaba for a while, filming the situation and everyday life in Al Aqaba.

Check out some of his websites: The Palestine Chronicles, Inshallah film and Inshallah media project


He recently wrote some great posts about Al Aqaba and visiting other Palestinian communities in danger of demolition, like the Tent of Nations. He and his companions were told by Israeli soldiers to stay away from Al Aqaba, for their own safety!

In Facing Al Aqaba Maurice writes:

The land confiscation, intimidation, eviction and home demolition as outlined in these reports is sadly under-reported in the west. But these actions are as damaging, if not far more damaging, than the settlement expansion that gets top billing. Here in Al Aqaba literally every residence is under demolition orders by the Israeli Civil Administration, even though the land has been owned by community residents from time even before the creation of Israel.

This is not as it should be. It is an issue that cries out for media attention. After all, I ask, how many places in the world can you be invited to an excellent Kabab dinner cooked the the Mayor himself.

maurice kebab

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