Israeli forces training in Al Aqaba, Tayasir and Tubas

Between November 8 and 11, Israeli forces used Al Aqaba, Tayasir and Tubas for military training. They withdrew on the 11th and continued training in the Northern Jordan Valley for some days after that.

Residents in Tayasir reported soldiers walking between houses and jeeps driving on main and side streets, even as far as Tubas city. Tubas is designated Area A, under full Palestinian control.

Hundreds of Palestinians were delivered notices saying that they need to evacuate their homes during the training, and many of those notices said that although the families could return after the training, they would need to leave permanently in a month’s time.

Close to 500 of those displaced moved into tents outside of Tayasir with their flocks for the duration of the military training. The mayor of Tayasir issued a statement encouraging the villagers to help their brothers and sisters from the valley.

Ma’an News article: Israel evacuates hundreds of Palestinians to conduct army training”

UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs: Urgent news on the risk of displacement in the Jordan Valley

New York Times article: U.S. Troops Arrive in Israel for Middle Defense Exercise


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