A Weekend in Palestine-Fred’s reflection

A few weeks ago, Fred Schlomka (from Green Olive Tours) and his wife Sunita came up to Al Aqaba to visit for a weekend. They had a lot of great advice for opening up the guest house to more visitors, based on a hostel that is now operating in Beit Ummar.

Here is Fred’s blog post about their visit:


What stood out to me was this, since my mother and grandmother also said they would miss the morning goat sounds : )

“Waking up at 5am to the sounds of the birds singing and the goats bleating was truly unforgettable. As the rays of the morning sun stretched over the Jordanian hills to the east, the surrounding hills and village architechture was displayed in sharp relief, it was hard to believe that all this was just an hour and a half drive from Tel Aviv, across the veil of the Occupation and another world altogether.”

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