Hana’s reflection: the building of Al Aqaba

“Kathrin & I approached Rebuilding Alliance back in 2011- We were richly inspired by the work of Haj Sami, Donna Baranski, & Hani Hassan, (architect for the new proto type housing project in Al Aqaba). What the team had done in developing the housing for the village was brilliant. As two interior architects from Australia (Melbourne), we were keen to offer our skills and resources to Rebuilding Alliance and the village of al Aqaba, to work along side the new residences.

We worked with the village to develop a building that covered their needs, to grow and be a sustainable community. The concept was to design a building and space that the women and residents of Al Aqaba could work in.

-A cheese factory. To produce local cheese to export around the village, local & rural areas.
-A Farmer’s market. To sell local food products, such as olives, fresh fruit and vegetables, with the ability to sell frozen products in winter when supplies get low.
-A cafe. To add a social space component to the village, this will additionally serve the schools at break times
-An outdoor area, for social recreation
-A restaurant. For visiting distinguished guests & groups,and locals alike.

The residents of Al Aqaba all have fantastic skill sets to implement into this building – whether it be cooking, cheese-making, or selling their local produce. The building will draw on local and traditional design & customs, use local and sustainable materials, while incorporating current design techniques.”

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