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This is an e-mail I received from Kali, who taught English in Al Aqaba last summer and now is back in Palestine for a month! She came up to Al Aqaba yesterday, joining international and Israeli visitors who came up to support the village.

“Morgan, Here are some photos:

Haj Sami and Jaber family peer over their land title by flashlight, Israeli and American visitors see the village, the Jaber family goats (in part)– 150 and more goats and sheep in the herd!

As I sat with the Jaber family, drinking warm sheep milk with sugar (pretty good!), we all startled at every can and sound, the children especially turning to see what was moving where…
While “training” is the Israeli frame for what is going on in the village, the risk of injury and the fear are real to the villagers. Until larger policy changes happen, pending demolition and random spurts of violence like this are likely to continue or escalate.
It seems that diplomatic pressure and international observation have protected the village in the last few days, but we might see things pick up again after Shabbat is over– Sunday and Monday.
The video clips on youtube of the live fire is illustrative, especially when coupled with your Eid video, that contrasts to starkly with the sound of ammunition!

Love Kali”

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