Parting notes

This is Morgan, posting from Seattle, Washington. I just flew home after spending eight months in Al Aqaba, and reverse culture shock doesn’t quite do it justice. For now I just wanted to say some parting words (not goodbye words, no no).

I’ve been so blessed by this community. By Haj Sami, the teachers, the students, and all the families that have shown me such extreme hospitality. I’m also thankful to have known Janice, Ian, Hana, Kat, and Gila, who have given their time and energy as long-term volunteers in Al Aqaba. I remember the feeling of walking through the Guest House door sometime in April and meeting Janice, the first resident volunteer to greet me after six months of living there by myself.  I felt strangely protective, but most of all I felt like this is the way this house is supposed to be, full of warmth and life. I miss our debates, Janice’s pesto, streaming Curb Your Enthusiasm with Ian, sharing our experiences from home, from travel, and from Palestine. I miss the friendship and creativity of these people, and I know Al Aqaba does as well.

Hopefully I’ll be returning sometime this fall or winter. My stuff is still in Bedroom #3, so I’m pretty much counting on it. In the meantime I’ll still be maintaining the blog and staying in touch with Haj Sami, so I’m available if you have any questions!
Until next time,

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One Response to Parting notes

  1. Dear Morgan, I’ve also departed the wonderful AlAqaba, also hopefully NOT for the last time. In the last phone call I was able to make on my Jawwal card I told Haj Sami that I’d left something in the guest house & must return in the future to collect …my heart! Inshallah we shall meet again under the clear blue skies, next to the peace minneret in the company of the charasmatic Haj & Rowhea until then young wise one…go in peace 🙂

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