Happy Birthday Ian!

Our current English teacher, Ian, turned a whopping 28 today, so Janice, Gila and I threw him a small hafleh with knafe (straight from Nablus!) and some Palestinian brew from Taybeh. The lucky boy got serenaded in English, Arabic and Hebrew…

Afterwards, he and Gila and I went for a full moon walk to the demolished road and took fancy pictures involving shutter speeds and flashlights. Gila wrote the word Shalom, I wrote Salaam, and Ian wrote Peace. That should be a sweet picture.

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2 Responses to Happy Birthday Ian!

  1. Ian, I bet you’re the only 28 year old who can boast they were “picked up” by three women from three continents before the first hour of their birthday was done!!

  2. alright, that warrants an explanation. there’s this israeli birthday tradition of lifting someone so many times like, 28 times in ian’s case…i think we made it to 3. still, pretty baller.

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