Jeff and Melissa

For three days we were blessed with the presence of Melissa and Jeff. Melissa is a professor from Pullman, Washington and Jeff from Albequerque, New Mexico conducts community consensus-building workshops all over the world. Melissa connected Jeff with Al Aqaba to see if his methods can help the community resolve some of their issues internally. We didn’t receive any response from the Israeli military/Civil Administration, so the other party was missing on the issues related to the occupation (demolitions, building permits, army trainings…) but they were able to offer assistance and advice in a local land dispute and support Haj Sami and the village with their presence. Most importantly, Melissa and Jeff connected with people who support Al Aqaba (local leaders, board members, advocates, etc…) and grew a strong attachment to the village! I now consider them dear friends and I hope they return soon!

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One Response to Jeff and Melissa

  1. Emily Schell says:

    Thank you for sharing these photos, which add visuals to Jeff’s blog. This place looks beautiful. And the map helps!

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