Valentines Day with Fred and Gloria!

Last week we had a visit from Fred and Gloria, the pastors at a Lutheran church in Jerusalem! We drove straight from Jerusalem to Al Aqaba, which took about two and a half hours, and hunkered down in the Guest House to drink tea, eat chocolate, and watch videos on the projector. In the morning we ate scrambled eggs and khubs and zeit and zaatar then took a long walk around the village. One of the families invited us to sit down to tea and coffee, and we sat and chatted and greeted their kids as they came home from school. Our hostess told us that she had twelve children, and when Gloria said that she had three, she replied, “ashtar mini,” “smarter than me…” when I translated Gloria just lost it, and could not stop laughing.

1) snacking on almond M&M’s, in honor of the blossoming almond trees….or something….
2) Valentines Day breakfast….my bread just did that, seriously.
3) Hanging out in the Village Council office/tree 🙂

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To read more and see more pictures, here is the link to Fred and Gloria’s blog post about their visit, from their blog, Walk in Jerusalem.

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