Caitlyn and Calum

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Two guests came to Al Aqaba on January 8th-Caitlyn from Austin, Texas, and Calum from Shetland, UK.

Caitlyn was visiting Jordan and the West Bank during her winter break from the University of Texas. She happened to be volunteering at Al-Najah University with our friend Yuhki, who sent her up to the village on her day off. A short afternoon trip turned into an overnight since Tubas isn’t exactly a transportational hub, but we had a great time! Caitlyn humbled me with her Arabic conversational skills, and the students absolutely loved her (they’re still asking where she went…)

Halfway through our village tour with Haj Sami, we were joined by Calum, a photojournalism student and Couch Surfer who had just come from Sderot in Southern Israel. He’d also spent some time with Bedouin communities in the Negev, and Hebron, as well as other journalistically intense places like Belarus. Suffice it to say, we learned a lot from Calum. He outstayed me in Al Aqaba by two days and captured some stunning views of the village, including one from the top of the Southern hill, above the army camp! Check out his photos and post on his website:

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